Price: 114,67 - 113,16

70mai Dash Cam A200 Dual-channel Record 1080P HDR 2'' IPS Screen 24H Parking Surveillance 70mai Car DVR A200 WIFI APP 130° FOV

1080P Full HD 60FPS

The 1080P 60FPS* makes it possible to seize critical details on the road with exceptional clarity and vividness.

Kind Reminder: When HDR mode is activated, the frame rate will automatically adjust to 30FPS.

130° Wide Angle FOV

Features 130° ultra wide-angle to reduce blind spots and obtain full 3-lanes coverage.

70mai Night Owl Vision

The 70mai Night Owl Vision™ is an exclusive technology that produces clearer night-time images with less noise, balanced exposure, and improved glare control.

MaiColor Vivid+ Solution

Auto Exposure Technology.

Selective lmage Processing.

Windshield Color and
Transparency Compensation.

Emergency Recording

With G-Sensor, 70mai dash cam A200 automatically records the emergency situation and saves the videos for you.

24H Parking Surveillance*

Collision Detection: In parking mode, the G-sensor triggers the dash cam to record a 30-second parking surveillance video when a collision is detected*, allowing you to understand the scene of the incident.

*Kindly Reminder: The 70mai Hardwire Kit UP02 is required, sold separately.

Time-Lapse Recording: The dash cam A200 captures continuous footage at 1FPS during parking mode, saving memory card space by compressing every 30 minutes of video into just 1 minute. Therefore you can expect a faster playback for quick event recognition.

Loop Recording

Auto-overwriting the older footage with the latest ones to save space for your micro memory card.

70mai Hardwire Kit


The hardwire kit takes electricity from the vehicle's battery to maintain a constant power supply to the Dash Cam when the vehicle is shut down, supporting the normal operation of parking surveillance and other functions.

When the vehicle battery voltage drops to a preset threshold, the power supply to the Dash Cam will be cut off to prevent low battery power, leading to the failure to start the vehicle.

*Kindly Reminder: you can buy the separate 70mai Hardwire Kit UP02 from above link: