Price: 130,95 - 118,08

Product Feature

Hardware:5Kfront Camera + GPS + G-sensor + SuperCapacitor + Type-C Connector

Software:   24H Parking Monitor | Voice Control | Loop Recording | Night Vision | Emergency Recording | Parking Assistant  | GPS Tracking.

Why Choose LINGDU LD02 5K Dash Cam?

Reduce the resolution "5K" -5160X2160 @25fps

  • Well-designed Hardware:Equipped with Mstar8838G Fast Processor | SONY IMX 415 Sensor | F1.8 Large Aperture | 6-Glass Wide Angle Lens | super night vision technology, not only can provide 5K high-definition images during the day, but also provide good night vision effects at night.

  • GPS Tracking:Record accurate speed and location data for your driving recorder during driving. You can use Lingdu Player to view the driving route, location and speed information when playing on the PC.

  • Built-in Upgraded 5GHz WiFi:The data rate is much higher than 2.4GHz, less susceptible to interference, improving the connection between the dash cam and the app. Just use the LINGDU app to live preview, play and download files to your phone on your iOS and Android devices.

  • Voice Control:For safe driving, a hands-free voice function is designed, and the voice control can use the camera through voice commands to achieve easy driving.

  • Custom Design:The bracket can achieve 90° forward and backward adjustment, as well as 45° left and right adjustment. There are two detachable covers on the top of the bracket, designed to easily remove from the camera body.

  • Free 64GB SD Card:No need to buy anything, directly use the dashcam, already installed inside the dashcam (maximum support 128GB, not included).

  • Super Capacitor:Withstands weather conditions from -4°F (-20°C) to 158°F (70°C), so there's nothing stopping you from exploring your next destination.

  • Parking Monitoring

    There are two parking modes to choose from:

    Time-Lapse Parking Mod

    Collision Detection Parking Mode

    This function is only valid when the matching 3-Lead Hardwire Kit is installed correctly, and the output current of the Hardwire Kit needs to reach 2.5A.(ASIN: B0BML1DK8W, not included).

Time-Lapse Parking Mod:

After turning off the engine and locking the key, the dashcam switches to time-lapse 1fps recording mode. If there is a collision that reaches the set G-Sensor level, the camera locks a 1-minute video clip, saves it in the "Events" folder, and then returns to time-lapse recording.

Collision Detection Parking Mode:

The dashcam stops continuous recording and enters impact detection mode when the car engine is turned off and key is locked. If there's a collision that reaches the set G-Sensor level, it turns on and records a 1-minute video, then saves it in the "Events" folder before shutting down. Next time the car starts, the camera returns to normal recording mode automatically and starts continuous recording.

Built‒In 5GHz WiFi & GPS

5GHz WiFi – High-speed

The LD02 dash cam utilizes high-speed and anti-interference 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, which solves the problems of data transmission speed and stability. This allows users to smoothly watch real-time videos or download recorded image files without worrying about signal interference. Additionally, the LD02 supports app, making it easy for users to view their driving records and share exciting moments. The device's high-speed transfer capability also ensures quick and convenient video downloads. All of these features work together to provide a smooth and efficient user experience.

GPS – High-precision tracking

Our dashcam is equipped with advanced GPS tracking capabilities, enabling precise location tracking and real-time transmission of crucial vehicle data to the user's device. By utilizing the LINGDU player on a Windows or Mac computer, customers can access detailed information about their vehicle's movements, including driving routes and speeds, providing a comprehensive tool for ensuring safe and secure travels.

Voice Control (English Only)

It supports English voice control to free your hand, such as "Take Picture", and "Open/Turn off Recording".

The voice control function of a dashcam allows the driver to control the device through voice commands, eliminating the need for manual operation. For instance, drivers can use voice commands to record videos, take photos, turn off the screen and more. This greatly improves the convenience of usage while driving and avoids distractions.

GPS Tracking

GPS will record driving route, includes the information of position,speed, Longitude and latitude, which also can be shown on the video along with the date and time stamp.

Type-C USB:

The dashcam's Type-C USB interface is designed to provide efficient data transfer and broad compatibility with a range of devices. Its support for reverse plugging and increased power output enhances its reliability and ease of use. The Type-C USB interface contributes to the overall stability and convenience of the dashcam.

Installation Steps:

Install the dashcam on a suitable spot on your windshield, ensuring it doesn't obstruct your view. Clean and dry the windshield before installation. Use static stickers to prevent residue after removal. Stick the front camera onto the electrostatic sticker after removing the protective film from the double-sided tape, and adjust the lens angle if needed. Connect the cigarette lighter power cord to both the dashcam and socket.

Package List

(1) LD02(1Ch) Dash Cam *1,

(2) Electrostatic film *2,

(3) Car charger *1,

(4) Type-C power cable (3.5M/12ft) *1,

(5) 64G TF card *1,

(6) Cable Clips *5,

(7) Pry Tool *1,

(8) User Manual *1,

Tip: The product needs to be equipped with a step-down cable to achieve 24H monitoring function