Price: 11,12 - 0,46

• High Capacity Storage :This bag offers a high capacity storage solution, perfect for storing socks, underwear, and other small items. Its large capacity ensures all your essentials are organized and easily accessible.

• Portable Travel Design :Designed with travel in mind, this bag is portable and compact. It folds flat, making it easy to pack and carry on your trips, saving space in your luggage.

• Eco-Friendly Material :Made from cloth material, this storage bag is eco-friendly and durable. It’s not only a practical storage solution but also a responsible choice for the environment.

• Three-Dimensional Pattern :The bag features a three-dimensional pattern, adding a stylish touch to your everyday storage. It’s not just a functional item but also a fashionable accessory.

• Rectangular Shape :Its rectangular shape makes it easy to hold and carry. The flat surface allows for efficient packing and easy access to your items.

• Versatile Use :This bag is not only for storing socks and underwear but also can be used as a makeup bag, hand wash cloth bag, or any other creative storage solution.